We Partner with Parents

Northside Learning Center has a deep desire to partner with you the parent in the special task of raising your children. We feel strongly that parents should be involved in the center.

As part of our promise to our families, we will provide the education you need for your child. Including up to date, pertinent information concerning children's growth and development. Check out the links below.

NLC has an open door policy. This means that parents are encouraged to visit the center at any time (special arrangements must be made with the director or assistant director during naptime,), and are encouraged to join us for special family events.  We have a Parent Advisory Council which meets several times a year.  Important issues and solutions can be openly discussed without the teachers and staff of NLC being present.  The teachers are scheduled to offer parent/teacher conferences each school year. Additional parent/teacher meetings can be held at any time, at the request of the parents or teachers.

All parents are encouraged to participate in clean up days.  It is required that each family volunteer 5 hours per year to help promote the aesthetics, help with licensing, and help maintain reasonable costs. 

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Phone: 423-266-7497