Project Ready for School


Project Ready for School's Learning Checkup is designed to help parents determine if their child is developing age-appropriate skills. Children who start kindergarten with appropriately developed learning skills are more likely to be successful in school and graduate.

United Way of Greater Chattanooga wants to help parents ensure that their child is ready for success in school and life. FREE Learning Checkups are available for parents to complete for any child under five-years-of-age. 

It only takes 10 minutes for a parent to answer the 30 questions regarding their child's motor, communication, problem solving and social skills. United Way will send you 1 child's ticket and 1 adult ticket to the Creative Discovery Museum, along with your results, once the completed Learning Checkup is received. If your child's results indicate a potential difficulty, United Way's Project Ready for School will provide a variety of intervention activities and referrals to community resources as needed.

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If you want a hard copy learning checkup to fill out, call 423.752.0302
or email and include your name, 
your child's name, your child's birthdate (including year) and your mailing address. 

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