Meals at NLC

NLC serves a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack daily, prepared by our in-house chef, Jason.  The menu is emailed and posted in the center weekly.  The menu is modeled from the state and federal guidelines and follows the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children. Portion sizes differ for each age group. We serve milk with every breakfast and lunch. Soy milk is available for children with milk allergies. Organic milk is available upon request for a small fee. Please provide a doctor’s note if your child will require the soy alternative or has any dietary restrictions.

            Infants are fed based on specific diets provided by their parents and all infant teachers are sensitive to breastfeeding mothers. They are supportive and educated on the positive health effects of breastfeeding and make special accommodations for mothers who opt to breastfeed.   

Fee scale beginning August 4, 2014

Age of child

Pay scale

Infant (12 weeks – 18 months), transitional per week

$ 205.00

1 1/2 to 4 year olds per week

$ 180.00

1 1/2 to 4 year olds 2 days a week

$ 120.00

1 1/2 to 4 year olds 3 days a week

$ 160.00

Annual registration fee: infant to 4 year olds

$ 50.00


Monthly Rates

Age of child

Pay scale


$ 885

Full Time Students ages 1 ½ and up

$ 780


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Phone: 423-266-7497